Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tax time is not my favorite time of year. First you have to drag out all those pesky little receipts that you saved all year, but of course you didn't save them all in the same place. Some are in one drawer, others are stuffed in envelopes, and some you aren't quite sure where they are.

Then you have to categorize them into the appropriate expense lines. If you use a payment processor like Paypal you have all the receipts in one place but it can be a challenge to tell what each one is for, unless of course you were smart enough to keep track as you go.

Since taxes are pretty much done only once a year it's easy to forget why you did something the way you did. Questions come up. The Tax and Accounting Software Forum is one place you can go to get some of those questions answered and commiserate with others.

There are software programs that help compute taxes and the government has down loadable PDF forms you can complete online, print and submit. That's a major improvement over a calculator, pencil and paper.

Probably the only good thing about tax time, is that it is also Spring time.


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