Monday, March 31, 2008

All the little stuff adds up.

Have you noticed how much money you spend on the little stuff? It's easy to keep track of major purchases like a new laptop, or LCD monitor, but little things like paper, stamps, and envelopes can really add up quickly.

I'm probably going to need a new printer in the near future. The one I have is fine right now but it's a couple of years old. As a writer I give printers quite a work out. That's how I go through so much paper. What I didn't realize is how many inkjet cartridges I go through. Sometimes I think the companies who manufacture the printers don't make their money by selling printers but by selling the ink cartridges.

Stamps are another "little" expense. Sending out query letters to freelance articles requires a stamp on the envelope of course, but also another stamp for the response envelope inside. For those of you not familiar with queries, you write a short description of the article you'd like to write, the reasons why you're the best person to write the article and enclose a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for the editor to use to give you their response.


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