Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sometimes you have just got to have cash. Credit cards are great for those everyday purchases but what if you need cash and you need it in a hurry?

You could ask for a cash advance on your credit card, but some cards have a limit on how much and how often you can get an advance. And of course you pay a processing fee, cash advance fee and interest fees.

Pawning valuables is another alternative. You'll get the cash quickly but you won't have the use of whatever valuable you're pawning and you'll only get less than 10% of the value of the asset. If you have a watch that retails at $5,000, you may only get $150 in cash. If you don't pay pack the $150.00 plus interest in the time period allowed, usually 90 days, you forfeit the watch.

Another alternative is a payday advance loan. This works if you have a steady job with a reliable paycheck. There's a quick online application process and you do have to pay interest and sometimes a small processing fee. The money is transferred to your bank account almost immediately. When you get your paycheck you pay the advance back.

As with any loan or credit option use it wisely.


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