Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day Two of Our Cool Mountain Vacation

The day started out early, 6:30 AM. And since the backyard of the cabin wasn't fenced we had to take the girls on potty break walk before we were really even awake. After breakfast we walked up to the little general store for a newspaper. Christopher Creek has really changed since the highway now goes around it. It's much quieter which is a good thing. But I think the businesses here are suffering. Once of the restaurants has a for sale sign and so do two of the lodges.

Deciding to be brave we packed a picnic lunch and drove up to the lakes. The first lake has a boat ramp, campground and a picnic area, but nowhere to sit on the lake shore with the dogs. It was all rocky. So we packed up and drove to Willow Spring Lake, that was much better. A nice shoreline, not too many people and the lake got deep pretty quickly.

Rose was tugging on her leash to get into the water, and straight away she did. Kate, who I thought would just go diving in, was a little timid. But finally she got up to her shoulders (which is only about a foot deep.) A swell from a nearby boat gently lifted her off her feet and much to her amazement she was SWIMMING. Dogs aren't supposed to express their feelings through facial expressions but I think she did. She look terrified and happy.

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