Monday, June 18, 2007

Day one of our cool mountain trip with Rose, our Irish Setter, and Kate our English Springer Spaniel.

The trip up to the mountains is about 2 hours. We took Rose and Kate to the dog park to romp right before we left. Unfortunately the sprinklers were on! No matter. Rose said hello to everyone else in the park. Kate chased birds like she always does. It amazes me that she can run so fast. I think she's going as fast as her little paws can carry her and then she goes into overdrive. After a quick drying off we're finally on our way.

Kate snuggled down on the floor in the backseat and promptly went to sleep. For some reason Rose feels it's her obligation to stand up and look out the front window while we drive. Eventually, after about 45 minutes she finally laid down.

The drive itself was uneventful. We arrived at the cabin. It's a cute two bedroom decorated in country farm. What was nice about this particular cabin is that it was built as a vacation home not as a rental cabin, so the bedrooms are full size and so is the kitchen and bathroom.

Brian and I unpacked while the girls stayed in the car. The first thing we did is throw old sheets over the living room furniture. That way we don't have to worry about dog fur on the sofas.

I usually take Rose and Brian takes Kate. We walked down the road for a potty break, then walked around the cabin and down to the creek in the back. The creek was only a couple of inches deep. Just enough to get eight paws wet and muddy. Thank goodness we brought old towels for that very reason.

The cabin had some comfy lounge chairs in the little back yard so all four of settled in to watch the creek, listen to the wind in the tall pines, and bark at the squirrels. Well two of us barked at the squirrels.

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