Saturday, June 10, 2006

The trials and tribulations of …..

Vacations. Yes that’s right. We’ve finally decided to take three smaller vacations this summer rather than one longer one. The dates have been decided and, after a false start planning a trip to Utah – what were we thinking – the destinations.

You would think the rest would be easy. Not so. Where to stay and what to do? It’s a challenge trying to book a hotel in a city you’re not familiar with. All the hotel websites show off the positive attributes of their facility and ignore the negative, which is to be expected. I found one hotel which looked like it was fairly near the beach and had lovely grounds. I emailed the hotel and asked if the hotel was within walking distance of the beach. A very prompt reply said yes, within four blocks. The rooms had balconies and for a small premium, an ocean view was available. Almost booked it, but decided to visit a couple of those travel review sites.

Well four blocks turned out to be half a mile according to one reviewer. That to me, is not walking distance. Another reviewer commented that although the grounds were lovely, the hotel was located on a very busy street, lots of noise. And finally the ocean view rooms were located above a gas station and the lights at night wrecked the view.

Back to square one. Where to stay?

Dee Power

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