Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marketing Strategies


When customers think of your company and its products/services what will come to mind? Will your image emphasize high quality and exclusiveness, or perhaps friendly, and value oriented. Fast response, high tech, or customer service oriented? Young and on the edge or traditional and well established? The image you define for your company is then carried through in your marketing materials.

Distribution or how will you get your product to market? What channels of distribution will you use? Will you sell directly to the end user or wholesale the product? Will you use outside sales representatives or an in-house sales force? Commissioned or non-commissioned? Will you license the product and have someone else market the product for you? If a website will you develop an affiliate program, partnerships and links with other websites?

Promotion or how will you tell your customers your product is available? Word of mouth? Referrals? Advertising through print, TV, newspaper, radio, direct mail, websites, brochures, coupon, or co-op? Trade shows? How will you use publicity?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the methods used to increase the ranking of a site in the search engines so it shows up high. That's important because people searching for a subject usually will choose one of the sites on the first page to visit, usually one of the first 3 or 4 sites listed. The higher a site rates the more traffic will be generated from the search engines. SEO Consultants use a number of techniques such as meta tags, directory submissions, and backlinks.

Website Design is important to every business whether they have a physical presence or are strictly an Internet based business. A poorly designed site can lose sales and chase visitors away. A site that uses too many flashy bells and whistles can come off as unprofessional. Web Site Designers use many tools to develop a site that represents your business.

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