Monday, April 28, 2008

Catch Your Customers Attention

It seems customers these days often have blinders on. How can you capture their attention?

Put yourself in your customer's place. They're bombarded with information overload on the Internet and in the physical world. You want your company and products to stand out and be remembered, but you don't want to offend your potential buyer by screaming in the face.

Point of sale displays at the check out are one way to get the customer's attention and perhaps increase your sales total. These displays can vary from cards, posters, and handouts, to light boxes. Light boxes are bright and intrigue customers into paying attention to what's on them. You might be familiar with light boxes as a way to display photos but they can also be used to display advertising.

Another way to get your customer to stand up and take notice is through the careful use of A frames. An "A frame" sign is placed outside your business and coaxes interested people into your store with an offer they can't refuse. The signage is called A frame because it's two flat pieces connected with a bar. If you look at the sign from the side it looks like the letter capital A. Rotating different A frame signs throughout the month is a good idea as people get used to the same signs if they pass by quite often and become blind to them.

Use effective signage both outside and inside your business to increase sales.

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