Monday, July 16, 2007

As you know I've been looking at different websites, blogs and discussion forms to see how I can better promote our books and our writing.

In my searches I stumbled upon a pretty nifty site If you've ever wondered what to do with the books, CDS, videos, games, and movies you don't read, listen to, play, or watch anymore this site is going to interest you.

Joining and switching is free, no membership fees, or transaction fees. After you've joined, you list the items you want to switch. When someone wants, what you have, you ship it to them. You then earn switchbucs for the item you switched. You can use the switchbucs to get what you want.

No money changes hands between the switcheroos. If you're dying to get the DVD for King Kong, say, but are a dollar or two short, you can use your credit card to make up the difference. Everything is processed through

What's nice is that encourages its members to make donations to support several charities, like the Boys and Girls club, and the Red Cross.

Okay back to marketing and promotion. If you'd like me to review your website, book , or services just let me know.

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