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Words in Winter to Warm You Up

The Holidays: Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s. Just say; the words and
a nice warm feeling starts to flow through you. It’s that magical time once
again. But what to read?

The Night Before Christmas is a classic Christmas Eve story for millions
of households. For those who love merry ole England we have A
Christmas Carol,
which inspired at least six movie versions and three

For something a bit more modern there is the beloved How the Grinch Stole
And many people choose A Christmas Box as their favorite
yuletide tale.

There are several new releases which have a Christmas theme. Debbie
Macromber entertains readers with two stories for the price of one in
Glad Tidings: Here Comes Trouble\There's Something About Christmas.
Mary Higgins Clark writes with Carol Higgins Clark in what seems to be
an annual holiday tradition and gives us The Christmas Thief. For
something a bit unusual but still very merry Christmas try Comfort
& Joy by Kristin Hannah.

If you’ve always wondered what Christmas was like in heaven, take a peek
at Christmas in Heaven by the renowned psychic Sylvia Browne and her
just as well known psychic son Chris Dufresne. Yes there is snow in
heaven according to Sylvia, but it’s warm and fluffy, not cold and icy.

For the downside of Christmas, John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas fills
the bill, (spoiler here - it does have a happy ending.) Or the recently re-
released The Twelve Terrors of Christmas: drawings by Edward Gorey,
written by John Updike.

And from another top of the bestseller list author there is The Christmas
Train by David Baldacci. Love, romance, warm and fuzzy, this is not
your typical Baldacci read.

What is it about Christmas that inspires authors? Is it the easy hook of a
major holiday which is sure to drive up sales? Permission to write outside
their genre as Grisham and Baldacci have done and not irritate their fans?
Or is it something deeper? Perhaps it’s the desire to catch the spirit of this
hopeful time of year and hold it between the pages of a book, where,
whenever we need “a little Christmas,” we can always find it.

Below are more stories, essays and novellas to warm up your holiday.  
Make sure you get past the HOT AND SPICY warning to the five free 

 Calico Country Christmas by Sharon K. Garner, The Wild Rose Press $1.50 

(3,600 words) What does a Christmas breakup and reconciliation look like from a cat's

point of view? Noel, a calico cat who was almost born on Christmas, is snowbound on

her birthday with two humans who have a relationship to sort out. It's no easy task, but

it is one that Noel handles with humor and delightful insights into human mating rituals.
***** just posted A Mysterious Holiday, a trio of Christmas-

themed flash stories. It’s
free at just go to

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CHRISTMAS SHOWDOWN, The night before Christmas, a deadly
blizzard traps a lawman and a madam with a price on her head in a 

deserted town with a sadistic outlaw hell-bent on revenge.

High-class madam, Katherine Winter, caters to wealthy men and vows nobody in her
Kansas bordello will suffer the abuse she endured in the horrific marriage she’d
escaped. She can choose her lovers, but longs for one who can match her in bed
and out. Her senses tell her Daniel Creed is the man she's longed for—a man with
a dark secret like herself, a man who'd do anything to protect what’s his. But he's a
lawman, and dallying with him is playing with fire.

Sheriff Daniel Creed has known Katherine Winter is the husband-killer on the
wanted poster since she came to his town. The reward he'd get for turning her in
would make him rich, but something about the aloof beauty stirs longing inside him.
There's no future for a half-breed gunslinger hiding behind a badge and a wanted
woman except life on the run. So he keeps his mouth shut, figuring the most he
can ever hope for is to love the lady from afar—and protect her.

He never banked on the bounty hunter from his past hunting down Katherine, then
setting the town ablaze to force Daniel into a fiery showdown.
Availability: Dec 19, 06 from Samhain Publishing ,
or from the link on


The Christmas Star by Janet Lane Winters -- In trying to impress her mother and
sister with a perfect Christmas dinner and the perfect house, Ruth has lost the meaning
of Christmas. Her frantic preparations leave her little time for the real meaning of the
holiday until a bright star points the way. The price is 1.OO for a download. It's also
available in print. Price 5.50 for the mini-book, Janet Lane Walters


Christmas Bells, by Dee Davis -- Free -

just go to
The cold wind blew up the busy street. Christmas shoppers hurried home, trying to beat
the quickly descending darkness. Shop windows glittered like jewels, dressed in their
Christmas finery. Everything was the same. Everything was different.


The Twelve Lies of Christmas by Kate Johnson -- Nate Kelly is a spy. At least,
he is until Christmas, when he's retiring to take up something more peaceful,
like alligator wrestling or bomb disposal. Because while he's tired of being shot
at, he's also not sure he really wants to live the life of a civilian. First, of course,
he has to finish his current case, complete with arms dealers, mobsters, and
celebrity parties.

Not to mention the glamorous Russian femme fatale who's hacking into the

same computer files as Nate, lying to the same people, and incidentally has

the worst Russian accent he's ever heard. But just because she's his enemy's

enemy, doesn't necessarily mean she's his friend. The Twelve Lies of

Christmas true love lied to me


"Just 24 Days Till Christmas." Here’s a remedy for what
ails the modern Christmas. a book for all ages which delivers what
today’s Santas can’t—directions and fun for celebrating Christmas
as a family. A smorgasbord of activities foreveryone, young and
old, children and adults.
This book has a story,activity and
recipe for each of the 24 days leading to Christmas.
You can read more about it at website


You won’t need a cup of cocoa to warm you up if you read these.


OUT FOR CHRISTMAS by Emila Elias, is a gay romantic novella.

Christmas honeymoon in Australia $15,000
Refund on returned engagement ring 2,000
Taking the first step out of the closet  ”PRICELESS”
 Zach Myers dreamed of a Christmas honeymoon on Australia's Gold Coast for as 

long as he could remember, but having his bride back out only weeks before their

wedding put something of a damper on his plans.With the trip already booked and

paid for, he decides to go anyway. Besides, some time alone might help him

decide why he's having these strange urges to stare at other men.
 Sexy Aussie bartender Mitch Grey occupies much of Zach's mind during the first 

week of his vacation, only adding to his confusion. Mitch, however, isn't a bit

confused. He's been "out" for years and knows a good thing when he sees it.
Now he just has to convince Zach that coming out might be the best Christmas 

gift he can ever give himself. 
 Echoes From Heaven. by Mackenzie McKade,
Celena, a Christmas angel, has been given the devil of an assignment—to teach Lon
Townsend how to love again. But the man is bad to bone—a playboy to the nth
degree—with no desire to change his wicked ways. Not to mention he makes her

incorporeal body burn with desire, which is wrong on so many levels.

The redheaded beauty in Lon’s bed is surely the present his friends promised. When
she explains she's been sent down from Heaven to find him a mate, he knows she
must be a fantastic actress or certifiably insane, but she is the sexiest little nut he
had ever seen. He can't keep his mind or hands off her.

Bound For The Holidays by Mackenzie McKade, releases with Samhain Publishing ( on December 19th. An invitation too hot to pass
up, Angela Clarke finds herself bound for the holidays, literally. Not by one, but two
gorgeous men—a powerful executive and one sexy cowboy. Angie expected to spend
Christmas alone, not in the arms of her new boss after the office party. Their attraction
is hot enough to melt ice, and his wicked promises alluring. What he's offering she has
only fantasized about. To her surprise, the night not only involves silk scarves and a
set of handcuffs, but one tall dark cowboy. Ryan Tyler has never thought twice about
sharing his women with his best friend—until Ryan touches Angie. She stirs something
deep inside him. But it’s too late to stop the decadent night from unfolding. What starts
as hot sex with a warm, willing woman turns into something more. After tonight, Ryan
knows he'll never be satisfied with just one taste.

Could his fantasy lead to something lasting, or will it only be one night of pleasure?


Because We are Friends by Mabel Leo includes a heartwarming memory
about Christmas and her grandma -- CHRISTMAS SECRETS -- She made
dolls from socks and taught me to use blossoms from hollyhocks as ballerinas
and tree bark for play money. She fashioned a little hoe so I could help in the
garden. In summer, water for my bath was warmed by the sun in a tin tub
hidden behind the black walnut trees. In winter, she made ice cream from
fresh snow. She was a good grandma but she didn't like to play games or
listen to scary stories on the radio. She didn't have any imagination.
Available at


Gifts That Keep On Giving by Pamela Brooks, Free -- A relationship with a
sister is like no other. It is not just the sibling rivalry or camaraderie; it is a bond,
a true sisterhood. It is a special kind of love and forgiveness, give and take and
trial and error. It evolves and grows like so many other relationships, yet has a
special connection that makes life both bearable and magnificent. She gave the



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About the Authors:

Brian Hill and Dee Power were inspired by their
own publishing experiences to research and write
“The Making of a Bestseller.” Hill and Power have
also co-authored “Inside Secrets To Venture
Capital” and “Attracting Capital From Angels.”

Besides nonfiction books on the exciting subject
of ‘success,’ they write novels and screenplays
in the suspense and action/adventure genres. Both authors have
Master of Business Administration degrees. Power has been interviewed
as a publishing industry expert from the author’s point of view by
the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press and
Publishers Weekly. Contact them through their website

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