Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Resources For Finding An Agent
Part Three of Literary AGents Everything You Need To Know
(well, almost) :

Publishers Weekly, is both a hard copy weekly publication and an online site. It includes articles on the state of the publishing industry, interviews with authors, the bestseller lists, and lots and lots of book reviews. PW is directed toward booksellers. The books are reviewed three to four months prior to publication so you can recognize upcoming trends. PW also includes two very informative columns, “Behind the Bestsellers” and “Hot Deals.”

Publishers Marketplace, is one of the most useful sites to find out what’s going on in the world of publishing. It’s not free but the cost is minimal ($20.00 per month) and well worth it. There is a searchable database of book deals, including the author, agent, advance amount, and contact information for both the agency and the editor of the acquiring publishing house.

The Writer, hard copy monthly magazine and online website, focused on writing, selling and publishing your writing. Often has small press publishers directories, niche publishers, and regional publishers.

Writers Market
, and the online searchable database at provides contact information for agents and publishers as well as what they’re looking for. searchable online database

Jeff Herman's Guide To Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents, 2006: Who they are! What they want! How to win them over! Jeff Herman lists thousands of agents and publishers, what they’re looking for, what they’ve represented or published.

Agents, Editors and You, Edited by Michelle Howry

Making the Perfect Pitch by New York Literary Agent, Katharine Sands.

Next: What do Agents want from you.

Dee Power and Brian Hill are the authors of The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories From Authors, and the Editors, Agents and Booksellers Behind Them, Attracting Capital From Angels, Inside Secrets To Venture Capital and the novel, Over Time. You can reach her through her website,

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